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Our Urban Graphics team are an integral part of Poli Urban and are experts in 3D modelling and visualisation, graphic representation and drawing systems. Our team uses its expertise to translate complicated ideas into easily readable plans, high quality graphics and designs that require visual expression and interpretation.


Our graphic designers produce high quality graphics and mappings to convey often very complex planning information and concepts in a clear, concise and attractive way across various media types/platforms.

The Urban Graphics team has also provided graphic design and digital marketing solutions to private organisations, including business branding and logo design, concept and product development and marketing material. Our team’s versatility in skill set allows for an interdisciplinary approach and delivery of urban development and design services.

Other Services include:

Graphic Design

Industrial Design - Lighting & Furniture

Product Design - Prototyping & Development

3D Modelling & Mappings

Rendering & Visualization

Website & User Interface Design

Digital Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

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