Poli Urban is a multidisciplinary design practice based in Melbourne & Sydney.

What sets us apart is the collaborative nature of our practice.  We work together, blending our expertise and knowledge across Urban Design, Masterplanning and Building Design to meet the clients needs and expectations.

We work co-operatively, combining our shared principles, shared motivations and shared goals, with an emphasis on effective working relationships and strategies. 


Poli Urban has worked with clients throughout Australia, Asia and Europe, combining our commitment, creativity and innovation with over 5 years of local and international experience.

Our Team

Philip Papas

Director | Urban Design


Tel: 03 95056615

Thomas Brady

Building Designer | Urban Graphics


Tel: 03 95056615

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Melbourne & Sydney
0400541316 | (03) 9505 6615 | info@poliurban.com.au

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