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X-Frame Gyalia Sunglasses

Poli Urban is pleased to present the X-Frame Gyalia Sunglasses, which marks the first flagship piece in our eyewear collection. The X-Frame Gyalia Sunglasses have been engineered to feature a bold and distinctive central curved element incorporated into the frame, separating them from tradition and launching them into a new era of expressive eyewear with architectural elegance. Form and function collide producing a balanced design language which makes a strong statement, and sets the wearer apart.

The X-Frame Gyalia Sunglasses are our interpretation of how high-quality, contemporary eyewear should look, feel and function, given today’s availability of computer-aided design, modern materials and new manufacturing techniques.The X-Frame Gyalia Sunglasses are available in three colour variations including Black, Silver and Gold, with matching lenses.

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