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Becco Collezione - Giarnieri

Poli Urban is pleased to present the Becco Collezione designed for Giarnieri, and presented as a new system/family of LED lamps with minimal and dynamic style in 4 colour versions (red, white, chrome, and black).  The form adopts a modular approach that enables development of several compositions (including table/floor lamp, pendant lamp, wall lamp, and ceiling lamp) referencing organic/natural elements in the environment, and aligning with the brands established design standards and features. The form draws inspiration from the Cadmo Collection by Artemide.

The Becco design is highly unique and holds great aesthetic value and will be perceived as a sculptural form and furnishing element, enhancing the environment it occupies. The lamps have a dynamic, innovative style that arouses an emotional reaction, achieving a highly original outcome that will make each version of the Giarnieri Becco Collezione a collector’s item.

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