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Ford Broadmeadows Factory Future Visioning Masterplan 

Melbourne High-Speed Rail Link to Sydney

Poli Urban is pleased to present the Ford Broadmeadows Factory Future Visioning Masterplan - Melbourne High-Speed Rail Link to Sydney. High speed rail between Melbourne and Sydney would provide clean, efficient, affordable and comfortable transport that would reduce travel emissions and service 80% of Australia’s population who live along the east coast.


The Ford Broadmeadows site provides a great opportunity for redevelopment, and this proposal seeks to establish it as a Manufacturing Innovation Hub to accommodate the Dyson Innovation Centre and Assembly Plant. Additionally, the Ford Broadmeadows site will operate as a Freight Interchange and Passenger Terminal for the High Speed Rail Link with vital connections to Melbourne Airport and Melbourne CBD via the Upfield Line. Upgrading the Upfield Line to accommodate the High Speed-Rail Link also offers opportunity for a shared bike path as well as public green spaces.

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