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Super - Gaffney Street, Coburg

Poli Urban is pleased to present Super, a speculative proposal for a flagship supermarket located on Gaffney Street, Coburg. The building envelope and its striking sawtooth roof with integrated skylights and solar panels gives the supermarket an industrial aesthetic that references the original location and use of the site. Additionally, the building's shed-like form and material treatment recall the site's industrial heritage.


The site layout and design responds to several ideas. The bulk of the supermarket is held back from the street edge and the landscape of the car park has been designed as a green forecourt for the supermarket, with extensive planting and contextually appropriate agricultural fencing and edging details.


The environmental performance of the supermarket through renewable energy opportunities, such as passive solar building design and building envelope performance, has been carefully considered. The sloping ceilings are a key design feature integrated with skylights that illuminate the interiors and help improve acoustics within the large spaces, eliminating the need for suspended ceilings as well as reducing artificial lighting, improving store ambiance and comfort.

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