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Athens Interspace - Increasing Liveability - Masterplan

Poli Urban is pleased to present Athens Interspace – Increasing Liveability, a compelling long-term vision that focuses on creating urban spaces and neighbourhoods that foster community interaction, and make it easy for people of all ages and abilities to live healthy lifestyles and engage in regular physical activity. The idea of regenerating underutilized and sparse in-between spaces is very much becoming a global phenomenon. With cities becoming increasingly overcrowded the focus has been on high density living, rather than treating public space.


Athens Interspace will contribute to the sustainable urban regeneration of Athens, and offers the chance to create a flexible network of small spaces that are open, green, relaxing, entertaining and safe, and to provide a flexible design strategy accepting of change, restoring texture and density to Athen’s Interspaces in a manner that will be incorporated into the surrounding fabric.

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